Services & Fees

This is the page where all my freelancing, topic requests, and advice given to customers go. Any & all requests will be charged accordingly and I will keep your name anonymous upon request. You may use the contact form above or you may inquire about topics on my email at .

Rules for Topic Requests/Advice Panel

  • Any and all money given to me is for services rendered or accepted as a donation. There are no chargebacks and I don’t write for free. EVER! My pricing is fair enough depending on the level work that is performed. (I probably am not even gonna charge you enough to buy a coffee at Dunkin Donuts to be honest if it’s just a one pager or something simple to give advice on).
  • If you send a dumb topic to write about, I will take your money anyway, so be serious about your topic or you lost your money.
  • I will not charge you until I am done with the request, but it will not be published or given to you until I receive funds. You will be notified that I am finished before you are charged.
  • If you wish for me to ghost write a book for you,  that will be $100 dollars minimum since we’re talking about a lot of work that I will not receive credit for and I will charge for that before I get started.
  • Again I NEVER work for free, so I won’t “do you a solid for recommendations” or for your empty promises of recognition. My work is professional and will be treated accordingly.





Topic Requests/Ask Solitary Pathways

If you have a topic request, you may email me on my contact form below and share your topic with me. I will write what you want me (for a fee) and answer any questions you have, just put either TOPIC REQUEST or ASK SOLITARY on the subject line and ask your question or send feedback.



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