The Value of Stoicism in Today’s World

In today's hedonistic society, it would almost seem that the entire world is turning upside down. Humanity has reached a point where no one can trust one another. Concepts like racism, sexism, homophobia, and materialism are openly embraced in our supposedly connected society. If one were to base anything off of what the mainstream media... Continue Reading →

The Third Side: Your Own Life

In today's tug of war society where most are scrambling to simply belong on one side of the debate or another, people know even less about the truth of how the media and politicians are working against humanity every single day while thinking they are smarter than you. They will gladly sit there and tell... Continue Reading →

America Deserves Donald Trump

  America Deserves Donald Trump. For too long, America has accepted the motto of picking the "lesser of two evils" as it's model for electing the people who will make and amend their laws with a smug sense of apathy. Americans have acted with no concern to their own futures, their children's futures, or their... Continue Reading →

The Slavery of Heroism

In all of mankind's history, many have and will continue to seek approval and praise from their fellow man or woman. It is human nature to wish for acceptance and approval from the general population, which is the primary motivator for one to seek a title, occupation, or rank which bestows the most positive traits... Continue Reading →

TWTTS Preview: Prologue

From now on, I'm going to do a lot of previews for upcoming novels and writing I'm doing in order to promote my writing and other projects when I don't have time to write on current events. Please, feel free to enjoy my writing and comment on it. Thank you very much. Hazel Eyes The... Continue Reading →

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