The Rise of Douchebag Culture & the Fall of Social Platforms

This is going to be as short and sweet as possible because anyone with a half a brain can see how this is happening. I’m honestly starting to think that social media is dying. Now I’m sure the internet will survive, but the instant fame of the internet subculture may not. The truth is that the Three Phases of Ideas applies to this situation very severely because you start to see the platforms focus mote on mimicry and beating their competition than actually inventing new and innovative ideas their competition never touches. Once this phase is set, the worst aspects of any given website starts to take place when the website starts to create new rules and regulations out of thin air which makes it near impossible for their content creators to create new ideas.

YouTube is the greatest example of this phenomenon of over regulation to the point where by creating and enforcing nonsensical rules in order to appeal to social justice, they inevitably create their own competition in the marketplace. This creation of competition is the beginning of the final phase in the 3 Phases of Ideas, which is the phase of saturation and destruction. Once any company reaches this phase, they basically either have to innovate their way out or remove themselves from the competitive market.

This self created competition is proof that social justice and political correctness is a terrible business model that has failed every business venture it has ever touched. Numerous examples range from video games to pop culture and movies all of which have seen plummeting sales in recent years thanks to lack of convenience and consistent force feeding of left wing politics and social justice ideals. The uncomfortable truth which is consistently demonstrated in these terrible market decisions is that in order for a company which relies on escapism entertainment to remain successful to stay ahead of their competition, they will have to leave their personal morals out of entertainment or else they create their enemies. No one likes to be lectured about their so called privilege or reminded that their race, gender, or sexual orientation is their full identity (none of these things define your individual spark in life or your true character as a human being).

With this direct censorship comes the inevitable rise of Douchebag Culture. These are the unfunny, mediocre, unintelligent idiots who are given a platform simply by angering or questioning the status quo. They don’t even require talent to become famous. Their only unique talent is arguing with feminists or censorship and they manage to make a living off of it because young impressionable teenagers and young adults smothered with social justice need an outlet to vent their rage and disappointment with the established pop culture. Social Justice censorship creates it’s villains. The Douchebag, in a merit based society, would be cleaning toilets at Costco if it wasn’t for SJW business policies trying to police everyone’s speech. Logan Paul, Dr. Disrespect, and many other talentless hacks would have never seen the light of day if being disrespectful, hateful trolls wasn’t something to be admired. Our morals as a society decay thanks to established media shoving it’s double standards in our faces forcing the average American to either find or create new venues to let out their disappointment with establishment media which wishes to push a narrative instead of entertaining it’s customer base. The douchebag would be nothing without the social justice warrior/feminist/pro censorship media to give it something to fight against. The internet based companies give douchebags their platform in order to start drama and when said douchebag outlives his/her usefuleness, they are thrown out and the company they work for acts like it cares about the fans who were offended by the content. In a merit based world, talent would be the face of these companies and not the douchebags who spend their careers giving people something to be angry about. Silicon Valley creates its competition either on purpose or mistakenly. Internet companies like Twitch and YouTube will see their platforms die because of this constant war between SJWs and douchebags making the rest of the smaller content creators feel as though they have no place on the internet. The world wide web will be no better for it. Thanks for nothing, censorship.


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