Women’s Increasingly Rapid Internet Fame. A Solitary Perspective

Ladies and gentlemen, especially ladies. Are you tired of people asking about why women gain internet fame much more easily than men do? I was on Twitter networking with other Twitch streamers recently. I met a lot of wonderful people and we ended up following each other’s streams as I tried helping smaller streamers gain exposure by retweeting them. There was one thing I’ve noticed about a few streamers who were new to the Live stream community. They would ramble on and complain about women in gaming. This actually comes off as no surprise since the majority of the people doing the complaining were smaller streamers who weren’t seeing instant results on their channels. Instead of looking into the multiple reasons such as large amounts of competition, multiple people playing the same video game, people who’ve been in the Twitch business for long periods of time being on the top of the board for said game, the possibility that the game they play isn’t something audiences want to watch, or the fact that they might not be doing what it takes to get the attention needed, they go on to the easiest target and blame women for their shortcomings.

While there is no doubt that there may be more than a few so called “Bewbie Streamers” among the female Twitch community, their provocative outfits and seductive personas they display on the internet only have power over audiences because the vast majority of the Twitch audiences are usually young men with a ton of disposable income. Many of these young men are still in their teens living with a parent or other respective guardian whose wet dream is to find a girl who likes the same things they like (video games, sports, or any other activity or hobby they spend time and money on). There’s not much wrong with this because people want to find a partner who shares their hobbies and interests.

A girl on the internet in some cases, is the closest they’ll ever get to a woman who has glaring similarities to them. Unfortunately, most of these young men just become male orbiters. Male orbiters, much like planets revolving around the sun, orbit around a specific woman in order to seek her approval and will often be seen trying to buy and win her affection through various deeds or lavishing her with expensive gifts. The more sheltered a man is, the longer it will take him to understand that this shit never works. That’s right, guys. Following a woman around and spoiling her never gets you anywhere with her. It will drain your wallet and time though.

This spark of instant fame women gain on the internet was most likely never instant to begin with. No matter how many chivalrous guys come in and donate to their channels, subscribe to them on YouTube, or follow them on all social media, that woman is still expected to lace up her metaphorical boots and step into the blood stained ring known as the internet and compete with the rest of social media for their chance in the spotlight. If they use their looks to give them an edge, one can’t really fault them for making a living with said looks. Honestly, if my looks were able to pay my rent and increase my savings, I’d have no problem taking advantage of that and saving my money until I can no longer go by on my looks.

I know it may seem like I’m defending women and you’ll probably accuse me of being a white knight, but let’s be honest. Sex sells and women are dominant in the sexual marketplace value dynamic. If a man never tried to hit on any woman, he could literally spend the rest of his life as a virgin and no one would care. Men are always going to seek female acceptance and validation because they want to have sex with them. Therefore, men who lack charisma or good looks are going to try and do favors to win them over or try to buy their way to a woman. This is why marketers will use female salespeople and models to advertise products and services. Marketers use female representatives to remove money from a man’s wallet. Marketing is a dirty business and women are the weapon of choice.

The other thing most of the people who complain about female presences on the internet don’t understand is that the more instant the fame, the less likely the content provider will be able to maintain said fame over time. Any female YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, or other content provider who has nothing to offer other than her looks is going to have a hard time retaining viewers and followers if she doesn’t find a way to remain interesting. The most popular and successful streamers on Twitch, for example, are male. They mostly get there because they use comedy, giveaways, or some other way to entertain and maintain the loyalty of their audience. Female streamers who only show their more provocative assets and don’t couple it with some other way to retain audience attention only get two sets of people in their audience: Perverts who want to screw them and talk to them with no decency whatsoever or male orbiters who shove dick pics in their inboxes. The honest to God truth is, you really don’t want those people to be your audience. The chats in those comment sections are either extremely vapid, perverted, or just a bunch of spammed emojis and sexually charged insults. These types of audiences will act like you owe them for being in your stream or video. There’s a lot of disadvantages to instant fame as opposed to earned fame. The women I normally follow on Twitch rarely show cleavage and play games or draw regularly. They also have personalities, which has staying power in the long run. Anyone who has the “instant fame” going for them due to their attractiveness rarely talks to their audience, so they burn out like a flame with guys who aren’t perverted trolls. The point of social media and content providing websites is to at least attempt to interact with an audience. If you learn nothing else from this blog post, at least understand that EVERY content provider is paying a heavy price for exposing themselves to the public. They face ridicule, discrimination, and the possibility of making oneself unemployable if they say or do one thing that potential employers frown upon.

The most famous content providers don’t only rely on one venue to promote themselves. The vast majority of them have multiple sources of media to display their content from, but will utilize the one that gives them the most benefit as their default. If you only have one content providing source, you’re honestly not working hard enough. The best way to get famous anywhere is to put work into other projects as well so that you have many options until one of them sticks. Well, that’s all I have for now. If you like this content, please feel free to follow this blog. You can also follow the rest of my social media on the links below. May you all find your way in the Solitary Pathway of Life







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